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Our journey to 100,000 members

Our journey to 100,000 members

One year ago when we started the TradingCryptoGuide Telegram group we didn’t anticipate the speed at which the group would grow. We are today only 2000 members away from hitting the 40,000 members mark.

This success shows that our members find our trading advice useful and our comments worthy of their time and attention. I’m thankful to every member who has dropped by the group over the last year. Your support is the reason we’re committing to building a better, larger and more profitable group.

That said, we’d like to tell you about our new strategy to take the group from 40,000 members to 100,000.

The changes listed below will give you a general idea of our strategy to reach a larger audience.


First, we’re glad to announce our new website and referrals program:

Referrals program

With our referrals program, you’ll be able to invite friends to our group and have the opportunity to gain free VIP membership.


We’ll be posting regularly valuable content about crypto trading and our journey to 100,000 members on our new blog at


To grow our presence on social media, we have created a Twitter account @thecryptomentor where we will post announcements and market information. Don’t forget to follow us!

Finally, we have one favor to ask.

If our group has been useful to you, we would really appreciate if you join our referral program. To do that, simply sign up at and you’ll have the opportunity to win free VIP membership.

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