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TradingCryptoGuide Blog

Why I invested in District0x (DNT) at 270 and x8 my BTC

I had been following this sleeping giant for a while and watched it even more closely as it fell below 500 sats during the BTC rally we saw in December. On the 13th of December, when DNT dipped to jus...

The optimal betting strategy according to this Bell Labs scientist

Say there is a bet which involves flipping a coin. Tails and you make a whopping 150%, that is a $10 bet becomes $25. You are allowed to repeat the bet as many times as you like for an hour. The quest...

Our journey to 100,000 members

One year ago when we started the TradingCryptoGuide Telegram group we didn’t anticipate the speed at which the group would grow. We are today only 2000 members away from hitting the 40,000 members mar...
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